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Well this is the weirdest Spring/Summer that anyone here can remember. Our region (VAR) had almost 20 storms in May (unheard of), and on into June, we are still getting rain on and off, with most afternoons clouding over. The regular rain and then sun has made everything grow at an alarming rate. We could almost see the hedges getting wider by the week. I only started swimming in the pool around 10 days ago. We than had at last a forecast of unbroken sunshine for 2 weeks, that again has changed to include odd days of potential lightning and rain.

Kelvin’s (husband) 2nd leg operation on the other leg, went like clockwork this time. The surgeon took special care to ensure that none of the dressings were taped to the skin this time, and an additional large sort of extra stocking was placed over the dressings, and the prescription to the home visit nurses was very specific about what they should NOT do. He has continued to flourish.

However, since my last missive, we have had lots going on here, with our usual round of petanque once a week, canasta every couple of weeks, assorted days out, plus house viewings by unsuitable potential buyers, ill informed by the agent! Still no offers ,but we live in hope. We did a lovely organised trip to Port Grimaud, organised by the British Association. We all met at the port, and had 2 organised boat trip round the place. It is really beautiful, like a miniature sort of Venice, with luxury homes on the water, yacht parked outside, pretty little parks etc.. We were very lucky to have a beautiful day and after the trip we were all booked in to a lovely restaurant for lunch overlooking the sea, and the beautiful homes. A wander around after to the lovely little shops, before heading home.

We have unfortunately had one funeral to go to, of a lovely man – the husband of a friend here, who had pancreatic cancer, beat it, then it went to his liver. Sadly. today, my husband has just had a phone call from one of his old school friends, telling him of the death of another other old school friend. Makes you think very hard about your own mortality.

To better things. Another trip to London at the end of May. Originally, because as soon as I heard that Chess was being revived I got tickets for the last night. We saw the original, and thought how sad it was that it wasn’t long running. We then saw it at the royal albert Hall as a musical show, rather than a theatre show, with Josh Groban, Marti Pellow (from Wet,Wet,Wet), and a full symphony orchestra. I didn’t tell my husband anything about it, until it eventually surfaced on TV, with the announcement of it’s opening, by which time I knew that Michael Ball would be one of he male leads, and Alexandra Burke and the lady who played Carole King in Beautiful. By that time, I had booked 42nd St (which was postponed for 2 weeks opening fro our last trip), and another show, so he thought and I didn’t actually lie, that as our flights were already booked, there was no chance now to get tickets. I knew he’d love it. Well we both did. It was a stunning show, with all modern possibilities included, like holograms, and stage settings that were magnificent. It was at the London Coliseum – home of the English National Opera, and the show has the full ENO orchestra, and chorus. Tim Rice was there, nearby, and seemed thrilled that so many people wet up to him to say how wonderful it was. There was a couple in front of us with a young daughter, who we though might fidget or make a noise but she was perfectly behave. After the endless encores, I told them how wonderfully behaved we thought their daughter was, and they were so trilled that we said so. It turned out, that he had been a fan of the music for many many years, and as soon as he knew of the show’s revival (he’d never seen it), he booked his family on a flight from the USA especially to see it. We also saw a show called Teddy at the Vaults under Waterloo station. Very different. The place is a bit like a cleaned up builder’s yard, with a sort of burnt out car in one corner, concrete rubble in another etc., and a very tiny theatre all graduated. We had premier seats, which was a squidgy sofa with cushions, and we could put out feet on the low stage. The story was about the Teddy Boy era, and enacted by just one young man and one young woman, in words and music with a 4 piece group who were fanastic. A small bar in the interval and then at the end, the group invited everyone onto the stage to dance to their Rock and Roll music. Brilliant.

Tomorrow night, sees the last of the Pink Drinks of the season at of of the Women’s Group member’s homes, who has a huge beautiful garden. We’re all crossing everything for good weather, as there are apparently 130 people coming! It will also be the first public outing of our fairly new singing group, where we will be singing 3 French songs and a fairly complicated version of Super Trouper, with me singing soprano with a couple of others, and Kelvin doing some oohs and aahs with about 5 other men, plus the main group singing the main tune. We have to be there at 5.30 for rehearsals, and everyone arrives at 6.30. We’ve been asked not to drink before the performance at 7.15 – yeah right! Can’t see that being adhered to LOL! Report in the next issue.

ps. Don’t get me started on Brexit, and the hoops we are being asked to jump through to get a carte de sejour permanente ue. to remain here. Every person seems to be told that different pieces of paper are being required to supply all translated by an officially approved translator at 60 € per item!!